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Kitchen Island Décor and Mediterranean Chicken

Do you decorate your kitchen island or table?
Here is the pitcher that I hand carried back from our 
recent trip to London...along with a rooster, plate and bowl 
from a previous vacation in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
Before, we had this tiered fruit basket.  
I keep fruit, especially tomatoes, 
unrefrigerated so they can continue to ripen.
Now, the fruit is over here on the counter.

On Debbie's island, she has flowers arranged in blue and white vases on a glass tray.

The Enchanted Home also uses blue and white on her 
island in her kitchen.
 You can find similar blue and white porcelain at 

Claire has a succulent arrangement in a metal urn
...low maintenance.

Our friend, Cindy gave us these white sponges 
(who really wants neon blue sponges on their counter?).
They are made by Twist.  
One side has a loofah, also nice in the bath.

Here's an easy, flavorful Mediterranean Chicken 
recipe that I've made many times.

I toss thin lemon slices on top before transferring the skillet to the oven...it adds color and another layer of flavor. Serve with a simple green salad and warm French bread...
and for dessert,
fresh palmiers (elephant ears in French) cookies 
from the bakery.  

Incidentally, I saw the same pitcher at Roger's Gardens today.
I didn't need to carry mine across the world!
Source: Roger's Gardens
An arrangement like this would be colorful on a kitchen island.

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