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My New Antique French Farm Table Desk

They say if you buy what you really love
you will always find a place for it.
When we lived in Paris ten years ago, we bought this
150 year old farm table at a flea market. 
It's been our kitchen table in three houses. 

Recently, we moved to a new condo in Mammoth Lakes, California that had a dining table. So, this came to the Newport Beach home.
 The desk that I had here previously is in my son's room.
My most current working files are handy in this sturdy tote. 
The filing cabinet went into the closet.
These dried boxwood topiaries from Restoration Hardware 
are spruced up with moss at the base and a little raffia.
 Look at the patina on the table.  
But there is only one drawer.
So, I purchased these rustic metal boxes.  
I like the brass handle.

The top "money" box is from Restoration Hardware and 
has a working lock and key.
The bottom box, from Pottery Barn, has a drawer with dividers 
for pens, staples, etc.
Usually my desk looks like this but I try to straighten it up each evening.
 It's great to have all this "elbow room."

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