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We'll All Go Out To Meet Him--Las Vegas!

Our daughter's boyfriend, is moving to southern California.  He's driving across the country from Washington, DC.  So, I thought "Hey, let's meet him somewhere near the end of his trip."
Like at the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon (never been there) or, 
at the unnatural wonder of Las Vegas 
(never been there either).
Las Vegas?!
Well, that sounded like fun to my daughter, husband, cousin, sister, brother 
(you want to come, too?) 
and so... 
"we're all goin' out to meet him when he comes" 
(sung by my mom to "she'll be comin' around the mountain").
Staying at THEhotel a part of 
Mandalay Bay Resort.

And look what I got for an early birthday present...tickets from my family to a Rod Stewart concert...
Another aging well rock star, like Kenny Loggins...He's playing at Caesar's Palace.  
I will try to behave.  

Have you ever been to Las Vegas?