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"Pillows or Shoes?"

Tough question.  
But I have to go with "pillows" much to my daughter's chagrin. She'd like to see an improvement in my wardrobe.
How about this new baby made of linen with black stitching? 
(Vervain ISHTAR in Cinnabar)
With the summer slip covers off the seats, the salmon/coral colors are revealed...
I wanted compatible shades in the adjacent living room.
So, here we are...
The green Raoul linen on the chairs is replaced with off white linen for now.
The coral velvet pillow on the sofa 
is new, too.

The pillows make me happy, but I have had my eye on these too...

I'd like them better if they were on sale though. 
(They cost a lot more than my new pillows).

Here's another question:
"Chilled Champagne or Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies?"

I said WARM...so I am going to have to 
go with the cookies.  Number 2 Pencil 
has a recipe to make a batch of 
two delicious home-made cookies.  
Perfect serving size.  Talking two big ones...even though not all of my dough actually made it into the oven.

Final question...
Fresh Flowers or Coffee?
(Tulips in October?)
Oh, this game is too hard. I give up.
And, Alie, I really do not have that many pillows.

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