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Snowy Weather and Warm Chicken Pot Pie

We PRAY for snow in the ski town of Mammoth Mountain, California.  
And OH HAPPY DAY!  It snowed yesterday!  HIGH FIVE!!!
 This is the view from our balcony. 

My cousin, without power in New Jersey, doesn't exactly feel the same way about snow right now.  I LOVE that girl...she is so positive.  She's been saying that at least they have heat and hot water and she wears her husband's flash light hat around the house at night (so I have a mental image of her with no make-up, hairdryer-less hair, flash light on her head and a big smile).

Below is the view from our living room.
Such a pretty day, I think I will take Rocky for a walk.
Don't worry, we aren't about to be attacked by the mama bear...it's an iron sculpture in the village.
At the end of the road, you can see part of the ski area.
This is the lobby that we go through to get back to our place...
apparently it is also a nice place for a nap.
I have been picking up giant pine cones on my walks with Rocky and stashing them on the balcony...got any great ideas that I could do with them?

This is good weather for Chicken Pot Pie with Puff Pastry Crust.  It made our whole ski condo smell FABULOUS.
The parsley is on there to make you think it's healthy...I do that a lot...use parsley.
I switched the recipe by baking it in an 8 x 8" Pyrex dish (instead of individual ramekins)...and replaced of all those seasonings, with two tablespoons of Herbes de Provence and about five dashes of Frank's Hot Sauce...you could use any hot sauce...that is my secret ingredient.
The chicken was already roasted from the grocery store and I shredded it.  Pretty easy.

Terri from La Dolfina was just in southern California.  
She and her husband and I did the beach stair walk together.  Terri is just as genuine and adorable in person as she comes across in her blog.  She is a true hunter of treasures
 In fact, she found this coral chandelier at a so. cal. thrift shop for $45 (perfect for my daughter's apartment--painted a fun color and without the shades)...
but I did not have time grab it before coming to Mammoth.
 Terri also found this stone topped console table for just $98.  She has a good eye!
Have a wonderful day where ever you are!

PS.  My cousin just texted that their power is back on!!!