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One Of The Best Things About Blogging

 Gail was one of my blog's 
first followers and is a dear friend now.
Recently, she and I shopped for blue and white china.  She bought the 
bowl on the mantel and is going to add a plant or moss to it and a couple more jars.
At lunch, she gave me this prettily wrapped present. 
Inside was a framed water color 
that she painted of our dog, Rocky.   
Rocky died a couple of months ago in his sleep of old age.  Gail copied his face from a photo on my blog and researched images of younger Boston Terriers to take him back to his prime.
I love this painting.

I helped Gail with the décor of her blue and white living room  
and posted about it HERE.
She personally refinished the bamboo chair, 
darkened the round mirror and 
even monogrammed the "S" on the chair herself.  
Gail did the finish on this piece, too.

All this and she is an artist, too! 
I want her to start her own blog. 
(Thank you and happy birthday, Gail!)

Friendship...one of the best things about blogging.