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Another Try

Sorry to all you email subscribers.  I did a test this morning of a partial email...and it was dumb...
didn't even come with any photos.  So, I won't do it again but if you want to go to my blog site, you can just click on the title.  
Here's a recap of the weekend...
I could have just gone to Staples for more printer ink 
but I knew there might be some deep in there.

What do you do when you need motivation 
to organize a cupboard?  
You head to... 
I was just going to get clear plastic boxes, 
but these were cuter.

One giant trash bag later...
One more pitiful before...
 These wire and plastic rattan baskets are see-through 
and I organized fabric samples by color.
 The wire French Marché baskets are also 
light weight and see-through.
There's the printer ink.
I will just leave the cupboard door wide open for a 
few days to admire my organizational skills.

 My brother, Joe asked for some decorating help.
While I was waiting for him  at Crate & Barrel, 
I spotted this in the floor sample sale section.
As I was measuring and inspecting it, 
another couple started circling.
 Final, final, FINAL sale (originally $699).  
I hadn't done Joe's floor plan yet.
It was heavy, well made and in great shape 
(perfect, actually, with a little Old English 
rubbed on it, I'll make it work).

The other couple was moving in for the kill.
I boxed out my elbows 
and announced, "we'll take it."  
Good thing Joe agreed. 
You'll see this table in a future post after his apartment re-do.

Time to put my feet up and enjoy the view in my 
sister's backyard in San Diego.
The sun is starting to set and that means time for
A Fresh Grapefruit Cocktail
(developed by Alie)
4 ounces fresh grapefruit juice
1 ounce Cointreau (orange liqueur)
1.5 ounces vodka
Shake in a martini shaker over ice.  Pour into chilled martini glasses and add a bit of crushed ice and thin grapefruit slices.
I could drink a million of them.
 So Alie made my third one with straight grapefruit juice.
She's a very wise 25 year old.

The grapefruits were given to me by a new client, 
freshly picked from her garden.

Clean cupboards and fruity cocktails...
feels like Spring.

Are you enjoying Spring so far?