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Antique Prints: When to Buy Real or Reproduced?

If you can afford it, I say
always buy authentic antique engravings.
Unless you really like a reproduction 
and it's conveniently already framed.
Like this cute fake one...
I like the paper's edge and the framing.

Below is a real one, probably our oldest print...
over 250 years old.  
It's a nice memento from a vacation in Venice.
The paper is a bit aged and it's hand water colored.  
It came with a hand drawn French mat.

These are reproduced prints from Ballard Design.  
I like the sepia tones and these look good 
on a patterned background.

Here are real antique prints of scenes in Paris.  
We have four of them that we bought when we lived there.  
This type of frame with the square edge is a more expensive custom detail.

Reproduced Aloe Prints from Wisteria...  
Cute though.  
Real...so I framed them nicely with a cork like mat 
and gold bamboo edge and another raffia mat.  
I like bamboo frames and I find that they are 
moderately priced compared to some others.
Here is advice on how to tell an 

This is real, although it was casually laid on the 
asphalt at the Porte de Vanve flea market 
where I bought it.
I think bringing in antiques with new things like 
this baker's rack,give a home character.

Not real below.  But I bought these for a really 
sunny spot in our last kitchen where I was 
afraid of fading.  
I had them custom matted with 
Italian marblized paper.
Antique prints are available for sell on Ebay and
Old Print Shop and at flea markets around the world.

Bottom line:  buy what you can afford and enjoy...
 (like an antique map of where you grew up, or a place you vacationed, 
or if you love horses, fish, etc).

This has nothing to do with prints, I just wanted to show 
you our new jute rug (on sale at Pottery Barn).
The heavy texture kind of gives you a foot massage.  
Tommy comes home from college tonight for six weeks.
So this will see a lot of bare feet here at the beach.
 This won't show the dirt.  Amen.

Do you have authentic or reproduction prints in your home?