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Floridian Villa and Paint Test Tip

My sister and I had fun visiting our friend, Lisa at her new home in Winter Park, Florida.
 Even though it was working trip to get some decorating done. 
 I thought this was interesting... an arborist was removing
much of the Spanish moss from the super tall oak trees.
 Apparently, if it gets too heavy, it can choke the tree.
 This made me think about using some of the silvery green 
and warm gray shades inside.

The home is surrounded by lakes and every room has a view.

We are going to "de-glam" the interiors and give it the soothing feel of a home in Provence with linen slipcovers, comfortable leather seating, a trestle kitchen table 
and shades of white and beige.

Speaking of which, have you seen this paint test tool?
 It's like contact paper that you paint on the other side,
It's great as it peels off and you can try it in different places.
 And see how it looks in different lighting.
It's from Paint Appeal.
I'm going to look for this in my local store.
 Most of the furniture and painting won't be done until 
next month. 
Hopefully, I will be able to give you some updates then.
Look at these peacocks that freely roam Lisa's neighborhood!