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Lobster Clam Bake on the Patio: You're Invited

Last weekend, for my husband's birthday, 
we had a few friends over 
for a Lobster Clam Bake.
My sister made Sea Breeze Cocktails 
(with vodka, cranberry juice, grapefruit juice and lime slices).

Even though it was his birthday, my husband made 
(he likes to cook...and I couldn't handle dropping the live lobsters into the pot).
 He put an additional fragrant seasoning mix of 
fennel seeds, coriander seeds, peppercorns and salt 
on the tables, and individual cups of drawn butter.  
The red bowls were for discarded shells.
 I set the round tables close together so that everyone 
could be involved in the conversation.  
Later, we had a little hiccup when one of the tea candles melted one 
of the shellfish scissor handles and then set the raffia mat on fire...
opps...nobody's perfect.   We cleaned it up quickly.
Our daughter made home-made ice cream sandwiches 
(chocolate chip cookies with French vanilla ice cream)
for dessert.  With a little twist...
some had a slather of peanut butter inside
and some had a bit of Nutella. 
Sorry, my photo isn't better but this was at the end of the evening.

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