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How will my garden grow?

Who knew that planning for landscape can be so difficult.  I truly am jealous of landscape architects and their level of knowledge about plantings and layering of live materials.  I am currently scouring nurseries in the So. Cal area looking for the perfect pieces to add to my garden now that the pool project is almost complete.  We need trees like crazy that will shield us from nosy passersby but keep their leaves for year round green and such.   Needless to say I have bought not one tree but many varieties of Hydrangea have made it home with me for my shade garden.  I love the Magnolia trees and I think I finally found the one I was searching for with the pink flower.. now the question is where to put her and should I buy more than one?  Any advice is greatly appreciated as I know there are some really great gardeners out there with a wealth of knowledge (please share).  Here are a few of the beautiful things I have come across in the past weeks while trying to find just the right thing!

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