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International and Antique Finds

On the first Sunday of the month,
The Groves Antique Market in Irvine, California takes place.
It opens at 7 am...not so fun on a Sunday morning.
This gentleman and his father were selling beads 
from Ghana, Nigeria and Ethiopia and 
dyed cloths from Mali.
I bought one of these hand dyed indigo cloths and 
some green glass beads to mix with my turquoise ones.

My daughter, Alie, bought some copper and 
turquoise beads to make bracelets 
for her friends still living in New York (she misses them).
This vendor also goes to the Long Beach, California flea market.  Good to know when I need antique prints.  These can also be found at Barnaby Rudge Booksellers in Laguna Beach, Ca.
The old door knobs caught my eye.
These guys were enjoying the scenery.
Makes me miss my little departed dog, Rocky.
(NO one ever acted happier to see me, even if I was just gone for a half hour).
Is it time to get another dog?

And what's a southern California flea market without a bunch of
vintage Aloha shirts?  I may be able to get my husband and son 
to come next time after they see this photo.

Next to the antiques market is a farmer's market 
with local produce and about ten gourmet food trucks.  
My daughter is familiar with these kinds of food trucks having lived in 
New York city and now, Santa Monica...but I was blown away.

And hungry!  How to decide where to eat?

Alie and I split a fusion Korean/Mexican quesadilla and a Vietnamese iced coffee.  
We are world travelers without even leaving Orange County!

local produce...

Cute vintage clothing shop in a restored trailer...

On our way to the car, we spotted these 
carved stone Foo dogs from China.
I paid $40 for both.  They are heavy!
We also saw this restored toy car.  
Wouldn't this be cute in a little girl's room?

Back at home...
I'll decide where to display my international 
purchases and show you soon.

Look what's been decorating our dining room table.

Our son is taking a summer accounting course.   Cringe.

But take a look at the roses from our garden...
Thanks for visiting!