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Casual Family Room Before/After and Our Puppy

Here are some changes that we made 
to my client's family room.
Her new living room updates are here.

Lisa had a brown sectional that needed color...

She liked this Pindler and Pindler Devon Pearl fabric 
and that was our starting point.
We had 24" down and feather pillows made.  
She added the smaller pillows from Target. 
(Nate Berkus line on sale.  Good job, Lisa! 
I suggested getting zippers put in them for down inserts
...but Lisa doesn't mind the foam inserts).

This piece was too "light" here.  
So, the dresser from the living room 
(that was replaced with new built-in book shelves
was moved in here.

lumbar pillows pull out more of
the blue greens...such a nice thick linen.

They also needed a bigger breakfast table 
than the one above
We got this one from Restoration Hardware...
It was fun styling everything with 
Lisa's great existing accessories...
what we could not use went into the garage and may rotate out later.
I always like a candle on a coffee table.

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We have a new addition to our family!  
An eight week old Boston Terrier, 
named Chief.

my boys

My daughter, Alie, and I are "co-mothers."
She gets to buy Chief's toys and 
I get to pay for everything else.  Hmmm.  
Alie says, "Chief may not be 
'classically handsome', but he IS cute."

My sister adopted Chief's brother, Judge
(who is classically handsome, by the way).
...she got the whole family to pressure me
into taking this tiny guy 
(it just seemed too soon since Rocky died 
and I was considering a larger, rescue dog).  

Well, Chief has stolen my heart.

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