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Decorating Advice By E-Design

Over two years ago, Cathy, who lives in Northern California, contacted me for an e-design for a small hall bath and we have been working together ever since.  
 Recently,they added a new kitchen 
and breakfast room to their home.
They used a local architect and contractor.  I was available for decorating advice (i.e. lighting, paint, finishes), by charging an hourly rate.  We mostly email but also talk by telephone, too.
I sent Cathy photos and links for island lights...one recommendation were bell jars.  Cathy found these, similar to the version I recommended, at Lowe's on-line. 
I love that she added candle covers.  They really upgrade
less expensive (and expensive) fixtures.

By the way, Cathy is a joy to work with...
a burst of positive energy 
and a great mom to three busy children.

I sent her these sketches after we discussed hood designs 
and here is how it came out...
 I also sent her breakfast room light recommendations and she selected this Circa Country Chandelier.  I was able to extend my trade discount to her.
I also suggested adding the Ballard Parsons chairs.

The hallway to her master bedroom has a low sloped ceiling.  The lighting junction box was placed high on the wall where you see the newspaper...
So, I suggested a downward facing sconce 
with artwork beneath.
Now, it's a pretty focal point.
Cathy's sister, Celia took most of the above photos.  
Celia's photos of a recent trip to the 
Mt. Shasta Lavender Farm are breathtaking.

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