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Projects With Beautiful Fabrics

This is the "after" of two wing chairs going into a 
master bedroom re-do that I will show you soon.
This is the "before."  As long as we were having them reupholstered, I asked the client if we could upgrade the cushions to be down wrapped.  She agreed...and they are more comfortable, especially with the lumbar pillows.
The fabric is 100% natural woven linen by Schumacher.
It's called Wight Linen Herringbone.  It has some natural little nubs and the upholsterer said he loved working with it.

On to me...
I washed my linen slipcovers on my bar stools 
in the kitchen...and they shrank, even wet (idiot!)
 I shouldn't have taken the chance that they were not pre-washed (that's why I like to pre-wash slipcover material when I have them made). 
Well, this is spurring on a tiny makeover in the kitchen using these.  More to come on this.

I'm excited about this living room
project... in Pacific Palisades, California.

We just selected the pillow and slipcover fabric 
(the tiny pinstripe swatch) below.  I will show you this room
when it's finished, too.

This Winter Park, Florida family room
 is getting pillows made from these linen 
fabrics for two 7 foot sofas.

Sometimes, its a good idea to buy retail 
(like if your kids, pets, husband trash the pillows--
buy from West Elm or Pottery Barn, etc.--especially on sale) 
or if you find something already made that is perfect for the space  like these pillows for a Corona del Mar, California family room.

Remember me telling my client, Lisa and her friend, 
Jeanne to "break in" the rarely used 
(before we re-decorated) living room?
Well, it looks like they are having a good time!

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