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Antique Bottle Décor

It was so hot at the Long Beach, California Antique market on Sunday, I started to leave without one purchase until I saw a big display of colorful old bottles.
I was remembering Sherry Hart's use of antique bottles and asked Dave, the proprietor a few questions about the bottles.  He,  and collectors like him, call themselves "diggers." 
Dave belongs to the Los Angeles Historical Bottle Club and finds these old medicine, soda, milk, liquor, etc. bottles deep in the earth using maps.    
The turquoise one was the most expensive that I bought ($22 down from $42).  It says Wood's Napa Soda. The others were $5 to $10 each.  Including a Soda Works bottle from San Bernardino, California (where I was born).  The lips on these were blown by hand.   They are all circa 1900 and some earlier. 

Dave gave me two little bottles for free.  This was one of them.

Although I like the patina on the old bottles, West Elm carries colorful bottles made from recycled glass.  These are pretty, too!

For now, the antique bottles are decorating my mantel...
but I think they would be pretty for a table setting or as gifts.

My friend, Debbie, also made a change in her kitchen.
She added this serene painting and the French plates in her nook.

Do you like to change/rotate things 
once in a while in your home, too?  

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