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Beautiful Designs at Thibaut and Anna French

Last week, Estate of Design held a presentation on
the latest happenings at Thibaut and Anna French.
Our small group of five designers had refreshments, 
as sales representative Karin Klein,
spread beautiful fabrics and colorful wallpapers 
across the table for us to touch and feel.
 I took special note of these reasonably priced, pre-washed, pre-shrunk, wrinkle-resistent linens from England.
You know how I love slipcovers.

 We enjoyed seeing Anna French's new book of wallpapers called "Zola."
 I learned that Thibaut owns Anna French.
Seems like a good fit.
 Then we reviewed the 
"Texture Resource Four" book from Thibaut.
Karin said that wallpaper has taken off again and comprises 
60% of her sales compared to 40% fabric.
Printed on a metallic parchment.
 There are cool textured wood papers that can be 
hung vertically or horizontally.

The damask pattern on seagrass paper is pretty.
 We also saw samples from the "Neutral Resource" book.
It's comprised of "easy on the eyes" neutrals.

 The colorful "Monterey" line is fun 
with matching wallpapers and fabrics.

Isn't this pretty?

 So much fun inspiration.
We are using this embroidered lattice pattern in a different color on a project now.

Look at the charming business card holder, 
notebook and pen that we received as favors.
I've been happy with Thibaut's quality 
and the service at Estate of Design.

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