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make a room out of it...

We have just added a bunch of great stuff into the shop... and I thought it might be fun to share a quick way to make a room from pieces in it.  It might also show you that I do have a rhyme and reason to the pieces that I hand select for the shop- I promise I do (!).  

 When I select piece for the shop I always try to mix it up a little of this and a little of that, things that would work well together.  I love interiors that are a little more relaxed that way and not to trendy one way or another.  It is fun to pick a bit of the latest trend and mix it in, but not necessary! And I am sure from reading the blog you know I love vintage so I always want a little bit of that in there too.. accessories, art, textiles furnishings, whatever catches my eye. 


If you would like help creating inspirational spaces for yourself contact us!