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Are Designer Fabrics Worth It?

There is a big debate here.
This fabric, made by Raoul Textiles, is hand blocked 
in California in small quantities.
The colors are saturated and the feel or 
"hand" of the linen is rich.
 Debbie and I recently went up to the 
Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles to 
check out, specifically, 
Raoul Textiles, China Seas and 
Galbraith and Paul...
some creme de la creme of printed linens.  

These fabrics are over $100/yd
(some WELL over) wholesale
and often require three to five yard minimum orders.

 A client recently wanted a designer look with 
fresh pillows and slip covers.
We needed six pillows.
By the time we picked the pretty fabrics and included
$45 for expert fabrication
(22" to 24"square, surged seams, flat flange and/or micro-welts,
 hidden zippers),
$30 for deluxe inserts, plus the fabric, tax and shipping...
the pillows averaged $150 each. 

  That was giving her my wholesale cost and 
not yet charging for my time.    She was aghast.   
$750 for six pillows???  

Even though she knows a local retailer sells one 
in one of the same fabrics but just an envelope 
with no zipper 
and no trim for $300 each plus tax 
(our tax is 8-9% here in California).
Am I boring you?  I am boring myself.

More pretty and costly fabrics.

Bottom line:  if you have kids I don't recommend $150 pillows...but even Pottery Barn pillows can add up.  I like 
THIS ONE below.  It's $77 not including tax or shipping.

For people who want the look and can afford gorgeous fabrics...they should have them.

Woodyliana made these designer pillows for me 
two years ago and they still look great...
even with my son and his friends all over them.
Liana is Thee Pillow Expert.  She is so busy 
with custom work, her Etsy shop is closed 
and she barely has time for my pillows now (sob!).  
Oh man.  I love this Chaing Mai Dragon linen. 
See the texture? 

But look at the difference in background
with the two samples though.
That's why you should get a cutting for
approval to check the colors.

I never get tire of it...
Is it worth the expense?
  I think so.  

Speaking of fabric...ugh.
Liana was over last week and we LOVE to talk fabric.
She believes that good quality fabric is worth the investment...
in terms of durability and style.  But even she takes the good pillows
 off when her boys are on the couch.

I washed this linen slipcover and tried to put it 
back on damp...but it was impossible.
The manufacturer had not pre-washed it...
but it was my mistake.
I saw this fabric at the design center for about 
$35/yard wholesale and then fortunately saw it at 
Dorell Discount Fabrics for about $10/yd.   
I washed it, added a zipper instead of velcro 
and shortened the length a bit.

Just saying that I like to save money...but
know that the right fabric, even with a big price tag,
can really elevate a look...to me, it's worth it.
It's probably the same way some people feel about shoes :)