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Lightening Up By the Ocean

Lisa's family decided to move from their 
large home inland to a house about half the size...
 but two short blocks to this!

She knew she would have to down-size.  
Her friend/realtor told her how I had helped her edit and freshen HERE

I was a bit brutal when I first met Lisa, telling 
her that not only would we need to edit, 
we needed to lighten up!  Fortunately, she agreed.

Here are some before photos from the big house 
(incidentally, the majority of readers from my last post thought 
I should start out with at least one "after" photo).

 They have two gorgeous but destructive cats...so 
we got to thinking that already "nubby" and sturdy fabrics
would be wise.

Lisa wanted to use this soft, silky wool rug.  
It made sense to use it
in the new family room with the existing black built-ins.

Part of the plan...
Here is the after... with all the furniture 
reupholstered or slipcovered.
Their boat painting that used to be in a hall works with
the red and black.
 I had recommended some garden stools and their daughter
found these cool silvered brass ones from Wisteria.  

 This is the opposite wall.
 The new floor lamps are from Jamie Young.
 This is the foyer...
 The living room isn't finished (so I won't show you yet).
But the colors are inspired by the ocean 
and Lisa's lilac blue eyes.
And this area rug from the previous house...

The plan...
 These are Restoration Hardware chairs with custom 
Beacon Hill pillows made by Woodyliana.
 They are at the heads of the table with these recovered chairs
I haven't tried to sell Lisa, tons of new accessories 
after "the purge" (ha! except pillows...love pillows)
but we have had fun shopping for a 
few choice things like the rustic metal candle sticks 
and the blue earthenware vase to go with her green ones.
I'd love to show you more when the living room is completed.
It was a lot of work for Lisa... 
Can you imagine getting rid of half your stuff? 

But now...Lisa's family is enjoying a 
casual life style at the beach!

Speaking of light...
I made this from "Bon Appetit"
for dessert on Sunday.
My brother said, "This is really, really good, Mares." 
My family calls me Mares.

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