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The Challenge is on!

The One Room Challenge is a great way to get 
a decorating project accomplished in six weeks!

Our son, Tommy is away at college.  
This is his room below.  
It's not bad...but it's not exactly decorated...
at least not like our daughter's room after the last
Even my friend, Debbie, said
her bathroom

"Tommy's room needs some love, like Alie's."

When we moved into our renovated beach cottage 
three years ago, his room was decorated 
with leftovers and "hand me downs."

My goals for this room are to make it:
• comfortable
• somewhat masculine
• classic, but with a modern country vibe

... and to conserve money while doing it.
It bothers me that I didn't buy longer curtains
and hang them higher
...the grass shades are fine though.

Here's some inspiration...
We bought this vintage antique travel poster 
when we lived in Paris twelve years ago 
(and Tommy was in second and third grades). 

 I want to reframe this 
(the frame is cracked and I'd like
non-glare glass).

Some of the artwork that used to be in
 Tommy's room is here now...
So, his walls are pretty bare.
I'm looking forward to seeing what these bloggers 
accomplish in the next six weeks!!!

Check them out...

Next week...
come see my number one painting tip.