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Affordable Luxuries and Other Random Good Things

This is an extra long post as I will be taking a break to be with family and friends this week in Southern California.

Farmhouse Urban recently gave some good 
ideas to achieve affordable luxury. 
 I especially liked her own daily indulgences like Bed Bath and Beyond Turkish towels.   
It got me thinking about my own personal luxuries such as 
this silver plated alarm clock in my bedroom.
 Pottery Barn has a similar one here.
These chairs are now in our bedroom...nice place to blog :)

Space is a luxury!  I hate to be a complainer 
but I almost cried when I saw the size of 
my closet in this 1920's apartment.  
I had more space as a Freshman in college 
(remember our little closets, Debbie?).

So, last weekend my husband and I made the trip to IKEA.
I don't really like the idea of buying cheap furniture but
as this is a rental...I'm not sure it will be going 
with us to the next place...
I just wanted white to blend in with the wall.
Not bad, but too big. 
Still too big.
Like the greyed look but think white would be less obtrusive.
Just right...here is another luxury...
we paid extra to have it delivered and 
assembled at home.

Thank God!!!

and José!
Now this wardrobe has my shirts, scarves and work out clothes
 in it and my little closet has everything else like shoes, dresses and jackets.

Debbie found these pretty marble tiles 
for less than $15 per square foot (versus $25- $30 for similar decorative tiles) from Home Depot.

And talk about affordable, have you ever thought about the enjoyment we get from blogs for Free?
Many thanks to these great blogs for the 
visitors they brought me in the last month.  
Check them out.
Calling it Home
The Enchanted Home
Chinoiserie Chic
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Cote de Texas
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Vignette Design
Pawleys Island Posh

And, I get plenty of affordable fun from
Check out my boards Here.

My client is working at Pottery Barn for the holiday season and earning their generous employee discount (40%!!!).
So, we went to the East Bay store to take advantage of it for her.
She is trying out some rugs for her living room, foyer and study.
I liked this gilt tray for her (on sale), too.

And even though she didn't ask for it, I suggested she buy two 

club chairs like these for the study...
which may just have to happen next year 
(or after the kids go to college)
but she will have them forever.
These are less expensive, smaller and I like them, too!

Lisa Mende Design wrote "Simplify Your Life"....basically living with less "things."  I feel like I have really shed a lot of unnecessary things with this move to a smaller place.  
It's been fun sorting through old photographs
(and tossing the unflattering or poor quality ones).
Still have lots of mementos--but they are condensed
 into five or six manageable tubs.

Thank you to Sandra Sharp for
designing my new blog header. 
She also designs custom stationary
with a vintage appeal available on Etsy here.

I have been getting lots of exercise by
 just walking the hills and I joined a Pop Physique gym around the corner.  It's a combination of Pilates, ballet barre and light weights...that's so hard, my muscles shake like crazy.

But we have been eating a ton as there are so many good restaurants to try in San Francisco.  
On Friday, after watching the hilarious 
Beach Blanket Babylon Musical show,
we walked to Park Tavern in North Beach
 (cool black subway tiles)
and started with these deviled eggs

On Saturday, for lunch I had this amazing roasted
 butternut squash, peppers and 

spicy pepitas taco from 
Tacolicious ($3.99) on Chestnut Street.
This photo was taken with my new IPhone--yay
...my old one was just about dead.

Happy Thanksgiving 
to you and your loved ones.
Enjoy this time.