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Hello From Our Home By The Bay!

Last night was the second night of using my 
to counter the steel wheels on rails
 and "ding, ding, ding" starting at 
5:45 am until 1:30 am
(Darn cable cars, I love you and I hate you).

Thanks to our daughter, 
Alie and my husband
(and King/Allied Van Lines)...
these boxes are mostly gone.

I selected the fabric for the One Room Challenge
(thanks so much for all the great comments, by the way)
and Liana gave these pillows to me
as a going away present.

So, before we left, I had my dining room tree 
delivered to her workshop...
It has a cool irrigation system pot that controls the watering.

Then, a few days ago, when Alie and I were walking 
Chief on Polk Street, someone said to us 
..."you must take your puppy around the 
corner to meet the puppy at The Plant Warehouse."

So we did...
Say hello to Gizmo.
(by the way, people are really friendly here and having
 a six month old puppy works like magic).
That's me selecting a new tree...yay!

It's so hard to find a good rental apartment
 in San Francisco.
That's common knowledge here...
everyone complains about it.  
In fact, we had pay to have the place painted
since it was rented "as is".
Here are some photos before we painted and moved in. 
 These cabinets were stained sort of a yellowy pink...ick.
I was astonished when my sweet husband said, "let's paint them"
and the property manager said ok.
 Everything in here was peachy yellow including the
ceiling and bookcases.
I thought about keeping the red in the dining
room but it made 
the place feel chopped up.
 The views and the wood floors make the apartment!
Before we moved in, we had painters paint all
the walls BM White Dove and the
 kitchen cabinets BM Revere Pewter.
So, with the paint and moving investment...
I just need to adjust to the cable car noise.
It's nice to look out on all this blue.  
In fact, every room has a partial bay view.
I will have more shots of the rooms once I get things in place.

And here is the new plant delivered right 
to our new dining room.
City conveniences!

Can you see what is in the background 
in the view from our dining room?

Take a closer look...
 Free public courts (only during day light hours)
with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge.
(Tommy, YOU will be that guy when you come home to visit from school)!

 I like these narrow bay windows, too.

Back to the Marpac Dohm white noise machine...
this might be the key to my happiness here, I hope.
It's like sleeping with a hairdryer on the medium setting.
Which really bugged me the first night...
but the second night, not so much, so by the seventh night...
I may just love it here!