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Our Galley Kitchen Before and After

 Hello!  My name is Chief Pickett, 
formerly of Hemet and Newport Beach, California.
And now "Man About Town" in San Francisco.
I will be guest posting for for my mom, Mary Ann, 
today about our kitchen re-do 
(I mean, "make do" in our 1920's rental apartment).

Here are some "before photos."

I know.  Linoleum.

Hmmm.   Dated (1980's?) cabinets.

But, there is a dog park out the window 
to the left of the tennis courts.

The walls have been painted BM White Dove 
(like we requested for the whole apartment before we moved in)
since the counter tops are older white Corian, 
we wanted a bit of a contrast on the cabinets 
so that they would not look dingy.
And look what we have now...

No backsplash.  
So Mom put a tray and platter behind the faucet.
The butcher block is a great deal from IKEA at around $10.
My Aunt TC prolongs the life of her herbs by placing them 
in water on the counter...like with this parsley.
Isn't that a fun painting done by Mom's friend, Clair?

This carpet feels warmer...it's indoor/outdoor, 
so it's easy to clean.
We are glad the landlords put in new, 
stainless steel appliances.
Mom thinks they should have spray painted the cabinets 
instead of brushed them for a smoother finish,
but still thinks they are an improvement.

Coming from a much larger kitchen, 
we are finding that the storage is good here.

The iron hooks to hang the copper pots 
came from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Wait a minute.  My French is not so good, 
but do you see dog treats on the list?

Out the kitchen window, it's cold and rainy day today.  
Good time to stay indoors.
Here comes the cable car.
For the record, their noise doesn't bother me a bit...
except the driver said I couldn't get on without a muzzle (how rude) 
and they don't make them for my compact nose.  
But I CAN hitch a ride in Mom's tote bag.

And here we have my favorite part of the kitchen...
My dishes came from Home Goods.

Ahhhh, San Francisco!
What we lack for in space, is made up for by the beautiful walks (just not today),  gorgeous views, awesome food, stately architecture, friendly dogs and people, just to name a few things.

Thanks for reading my mom's blog.

PS.  Sunny skies ahead...