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weekend wishes

Wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend! This is one of the first years in a long time that we have not been out of town and I am really enjoying the time to relax and get prepared for the upcoming Christmas rush.  I know that the most important part of prepping for the holidays is managing my time properly.  I will be organizing my lists and cannot wait to start checking things off.  How about you, are you just starting or, dare I say it, already done?

A few little things to help keep you sane....

Perfect for lounging perfect with leggings and a denim jacket...
This pie works even after Thanksgiving!
This little sweater is perfect for relaxing by the fire or with your favorite dress..
My favorite throw is now on sale!
Saw this pillow - want it - need it
Grab some gifts with our discount (thanks2013) in the shop today too!!!

Happy weekend friends...

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