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Art and Fancy Cocktails

It's so great having both our kids with 
us for the holidays.
We went to San Francisco's 
to view the Anders Zorn, 
Sweden's Master Painter, exhibit
(look at the amazing way he could paint water).

It was fun to discover the museum's awesome location 
near the Pacific Ocean and opening of the 
San Francisco Bay.

The museum's collection consists of lots of 
famous works by artists like

 William Adolphe Bouguereau

 Pablo Picasso 

 Claude Monet

 Pierre-Auguste Renoir

 Often in museums, I look at the wall colors, 
floors and ceilings, as much as the art.
I wonder what art would catch your attention.

 After the "cul-cha", we drove over to 
The Cliff House for a drink 
and to enjoy the views.

Alie ordered the "French 77" which the bartender 
said had sparkling wine, a splash of St. Germain 
(which I want to buy just because I like the bottle) 
and the juice of half of one small lemon.
Delicious and festive garnished with a lemon peel...
Alie wants to make these for her New Year's Eve party.

 Tommy and Howard had some Robitussin tasting bourbon martini :(

I ordered a refreshing Mojito.

Then, we explored the old bath house ruins.

Later, the four of us walked down the steep hill to 
North Beach for a great Italian dinner
(and took the bus back up).
We all agreed that it was a perfect day in San Francisco. 

I was worried about us all adjusting to the move, 
but I think 
2014 will be a happy, new year.  
I hope it is for YOU, too!