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Holiday Time at Roger's Gardens

It's always fun and inspiring to visit 
Roger's Gardens in Corona del Mar, California
for Christmas decorating ideas.

 I stopped in last week with 
my friends, Debbie and Cindy.

I like this chalkboard lettering.

 I'm excited to pull out the vintage jeweled 
Christmas tree (like these) that I made last year.
Our cousin, Janice has a stash of vintage jewelry, 
so we are going to make a couple more trees this year.

This year, Roger's had pretty arrangements in wooden crates
and moss covered "pocket books."

I wish I had bought one of these wreaths to 
bring back to San Francisco.

 Cindy purchased one of these shell trees for her home.
There was other nautical decor...

 Rows of drift wood like these...
were nestled along Christmas tree trunks.

 This little trip to Roger's Gardens 
definitely has me inspired!
We just got back Saturday from a 
great time in southern California.  
On Sunday, we bought fresh, Christmas greenery 
and a lit twig tree from Restoration Hardware.   
I also worked on our Christmas cards.
(My friend, Katherine helped me
and we got so much done with two sets of hands).
With a shorter holiday season, I'm determined not to get overwhelmed...and just enjoy what I can get done
(and show glimpses of it here this week).

Hope you are enjoying this time as well!

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