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New Office and Bed Curtains

Honestly, I don't enjoy organizing but I like to 
find things easily and have an uncluttered look.   
Our daughter recently helped me move into my office
...so that it's organized (she's good at that).
One small thing, is that I am changing out the hardware
for these inexpensive but crisp, sturdy handles from IKEA
The new one is on the left.

Not a big deal 
($35 for the whole already built-in office)
...but our son noticed instantly that the new 
handles were on the top cabinets.
The office is small but this is the view from my desk today.
I'm working on making the room prettier 
to show you in my next post.

Tommy's bed from The One Room Challenge 
in Newport Beach is now in our 
San Francisco master bedroom.  
Liana and I have been discussing how to 
make the room more feminine.
 This arrived from her a couple of days ago
(she wraps things so beautifully).
Here are the new bed curtains made from 
cotton pin striped fabric 
with a flat linen welt (all in the details).
The fabric "ties" actually have rings for the curtain panel hooks.

Liana enclosed these heavy papers to
wrap around to make cylinders
 to create a "goblet" effect like in the pleat on the left.
There is more to show you of my bedroom 
but it's feeling homier already.

Chief is starting to be a familiar "local" at the nearby dog park.
And I cannot get over the view every time I take him there!

I'm getting excited for 2014...are you?