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Bookcase Styling 1-2-3

Normally, I like to accessorize a room as the final step, 
but Dana wasn't taking "not yet" for an answer.

So, even though her living room is in progress, I asked her to remove everything from the bookcase.
The blue and white lamp had to stay, 
so we took that direction.
With the arched top, the top shelf needed a curve.
I start with artwork, then collections 
(in this case, Dana's antique wooden containers 
and blue and white china).
After the large accessories are placed, 
I fill in with books and then small accessories,
like Dana's coral and antique bells.
This is the direction that I am recommending 
for the rest of the room.
The walls have already been painted.
Dana's long, skinny bookshelves in her 
family room were a challenge to style.
Here they are before.
And here they are after incorporating her 
antique ceramic collection and the removal of paperbacks.


I recently finished styling our book cases 
in our San Francisco living room
(need to take photos).

The Method: 

1.  remove everything
2.  start with art and
large scale accessories,
3.  add books 
(grouped by color can be nice), 
4.  fill in with small scale accessories
(like photographs, coral, boxes, etc.).

Also, important:
 •  Have the shelves placed somewhat uniformly
•  Remove paperbacked books and
busy paper covers off of hard backed books, 
•  Leave space so accessories can "breathe."

Remember my client, Lisa's newly built in bookcase?
The first item that went in was her beach painting.
 I don't think I showed Lisa's bookcase near her kitchen...
the tray basket stores keys and the grocery list.
These are Debbie's bookcases
(one of my all time favorites--
see how her shelves are placed evenly on both sides?).

Right now I'm in San Diego for a quick visit with my family.

Let me know if you have any questions 
or your own advice about book shelves.

Thanks for visiting!

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