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Our Living Room Shelves

This is our third month living in our 
San Francisco apartment 
(built in the 1920's)
and it's really starting to feel like home.
This a follow-up to the post
Here are our bookcases before 
they were painted 
and the shelves were uniformly placed.

My Method: 
1.  remove everything 
(sometimes fewer shelves can be better)
2.  start with art and/or
 large scale accessories
In my case, I started with my oil paintings.
Above is my cousin's painting of the apartment we had in Paris.

This painting adds color.

and a starburst mirror from Wisteria.

Then, I added two large, wooden baskets 
filled with seashells.
This one is an antique French farm basket.
The shells came from my travels, TJ Maxx and
and a wholesale aquarium supply store.
This one is an old Chinese rice bucket, 
placed on the other side for balance.
3.  add books 
(grouped by color can be nice), 

4.  fill in with small scale accessories
(like photographs, pitchers, 
coral, boxes, etc.).

Polished silver adds sparkle.

5.  Add something fresh like this orchid from the 
grocery store and tangerines
Our daughter was just here and helped 
me paint our powder room...
Not bad... but I will show you it before.  

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