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Step Into our 1920's Foyer

If you get this by email, I'm sorry about
the three consecutive posts in one email.
(thank you, Donna, for notifying me about the lack of 
email posts you were receiving).
I think it is fixed (the drain is unclogged:)
and you will see
one post every four or five days.
I've been playing with vignettes on top of our 
French Louis Philippe commode in our foyer.
I think this would also be a good place 
to set up a bar when we have a party.

This leaded glass window is just 
as you enter the front door.
Here is the room before we moved in.
In the 1920's, it was important to have a larger foyer 
(in relation to the apartment size)
for prestige sake.  I thought about 
putting a round table in here, 
but it would be tight due to the bump out on the left.
And there was only one place that the French commode would fit.
This room is actually darker most of the day, 
so I wanted a lighter rug to lighten it up.

With the money from our moving sale
(thank you to everyone who came)
I bought this...

On the bench, there is a new 
reversible linen pillow from Pottery Barn. 
On sale now ($30) in different colors...grab it!

The suzani pillow was in our daughter's former room.
Mirrors help expand the space and reflect the light.
Everything is landing in new places here.

People were celebrating Chinese New Year last weekend.  
As we walked through Chinatown, 
I noticed lots of bamboo shoots for sale 
and wondered about the significance.

According to Nations Online:
The word for bamboo shoots in Chinese also sounds like the phrase  
"wishing that everything would be well" 

So, I bought some.
These antique bottles were on the mantel.
The last time I posted about them, 
a reader commented that
the Napa Soda bottle was rare and valuable.

Our little angel/devil pumpkin puppy, 
Chief has been on vacation in Santa Monica 
with our daughter (aka Mom "B").
Sometimes, when I'm working at my desk,
he just leaps onto my lap,
which can be unnerving when I'm concentrating.
But I want that little guy BACK!

Happy Chinese New Year and

"Wishing that everything would be well" FOR YOU!

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