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Weekend wishes...

Hello.. sorry for the late post!  I spent the better part of my day digging through boxes and sorting out accessories, I am selling at Irvine on Sunday morning and have so many little things that have accumulated here and there.  I needed to get them gathered together so I could do one big clean out and sell.  If you are in the area you should stop by and see us!

Aside from that our vacation time is coming to an end and I am a little sad about it to be honest.  I love having the kids here just hanging out and relaxing a bit. We have moved on from the Christmas decor and I think celebrated the last of the holiday birthdays so it is time for cleaning out and organizing and maybe picking up those little things that were on the list but did not make it under the tree...

I ordered up a pair of these jeans which I have been trying to find for months!
Trying this even if it means I cannot fit into said jeans..
I have been adding new items to the shop and I want want this rug for myself!
I just picked up this little book too... I have to get started on that list you know.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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