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A FUN Weekend in San Francisco!

What a great weekend!
It started with meeting our friends for Happy Hour 
at the One Up Lounge 
in the sleek and impressive Grand Hyatt on Union Square. 
Debbie ordered a Moscow Mule...and where have I been?
I was enthralled by the copper mug in which it was served.
I was thinking of all the other ways I could use the mug.
Apparently, so do other people as the mugs
have a tendency to occasionally "walk off" with customers.

After happy hour,
 we played girls against boys in table shuffle board at 
Have you played it?  We'll get you next time, boys!

Then, we went to Pandora Karaoke 
to belt out a few songs in a private room.
Even with bodyguards (aka husbands),
it's a scary (high heeled) walk through the Tenderloin to get there.
I'm pretty sure Bob has some embarrassing video footage 
of the girls' take on Shania Twain.

We took the cable car home...a full evening but 
we were in bed by 11pm :)

On Saturday, it was a beautiful day!
We got reacquainted with old friends, Sheila and Phil.
Our view…that is Treasure Island out there.

 They came over and I made this 
Roasted Tomato and Endive Appetizer.
It's oven roasted cherry tomatoes 
(two pints of tomatoes halved and seeded plus one chopped 
garlic clove drizzled with olive oil
balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper--
baked at 275 degrees for 2.5 hours, then cooled)
on top of endive leaves, 
a small slice of fresh mozzarella, 
toasted pine nuts and chopped parsley, 
salt and pepper to taste.

 On Sunday, we went to the 
Treasure Island Flea Market…
which apparently takes place the last weekend of every month.

It was foggy in the morning, but it burned off and
Chief and I discovered this beautiful, little gem of a park…
that you should seek out if you are in San Francisco.  
It's in the Embarcadero/Telegraph Hill area across 
from the Levi Plaza Park.

 Then, my husband and I had brunch at  Fog City.
 Good food, service and environment 
but skip the Bloody Mary's.

How was your weekend?