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Fresh Ways to Set a Casual Table

is from Pottery Barn.  
It is a good way to lighten up a 
traditional dark wood dining table.

The metal candle sticks are from World Market.

was inspired by Pinterest.
My dessert recipe was also 
taken from Pinterest.
The hardest part of the recipe was taking off 32 sticky wrappers for
We served our guests a square with a 
small scoop of French vanilla ice cream.

I tried to hide the leftovers in the freezer only to 
discover that they are pretty darn good frozen, too.

Thanks, Julia from  
for listing CCHome on her 
14 Decorating Blogs That I Love.

Chief took his first airplane ride 
 back to San Francisco after his vacation
with our daughter in Santa Monica.
This is one of the views on our walk...

Thanks for reading.