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Planting: Eden and Evelyn roses

Lately I have been a little obsessive about my garden, here in California the sun has been shining and it has been pretty warm so I have been feeling like it is the perfect time to get started on really planting my garden.  It is a bit of a challenge for me as we took almost everything out of our yard last year when we put in the pool, so I have been planning and scheming for months as to what I could plant.  I have been dreaming of these two beauties for much longer than that and finally I should be able to plant some in the next few weeks.  If I can just find them at the nursery, I am a little ahead of the game this year, so I am patiently awaiting their arrival.  Eden and Evelyn are two of my favorite roses... I am so excited!  

 I know that just about everyone has a favorite and I would love to hear which roses you prefer.  I am looking for more ideas and have a lot of space to fill.

They are described as having a double or full head... which to means perfect.

David Austin describes the Evelyn as follows: bears giant, apricot colored flowers of a shallow, saucer-like shape, with numerous small petals inter-twined within. This is not the most vigorous of English Roses, but the individual flower is absolutely magnificent. Its great glory is its wonderful fragrance, which is similar in style to an Old Rose, but with a sumptuous fruity note reminiscent of fresh peaches and apricot. Named on behalf of Crabtree & Evelyn, who used it in their range of rose perfumes.

The photo below is from Sharon at My French Country Home.  She has the most amazing garden and I found myself stalking her blog over the weekend looking for ideas..

images via google and pinterest

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