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Reupholstering the vintage French chair..

When we were in Paris in the Spring last year I was lucky enough to come across these two beauties.  I was instantly in love and on a mission to figure out how exactly to get these home for myself.  I was pleasantly surprised by a seller who was willing to translate my need to get these chairs to our rented apartment to a wonderful delivery man, and my heart was content.  The poor guy had to carry them up 3 flights of shallow steps and then another guy carried them down a week later and loaded them into our taxi van in route to Normandie.  It was worth every minute (note that I was not actually carrying them)!

Once they arrived here in California I had no clue what I wanted to do with them, so they stayed at home with me for a bit before I finally took the plunge.  I had them upholstered in vintage linen that we had purchased while we were in France along with some of my standard linen on the back and sides.  I added tufting to the seat back to create a little more interest for me as well as exposed flat rustic nail head details at the legs.. and I love love them!

top 2 images from the Paris flea market/bottom 2 images by Ashlee Raubach 


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