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Create A Cocktail Bar, Tasty Appetizer and More

It's trendy, cool and even retro to have 
a cocktail station in your home.
Do you have one?
This is the first time we've had one.
With teenagers in the house for so long, 
we never actually displayed alcohol.
(Our son Tommy is 21 years old now).
I like the sparkle of crystal and silver...
That cocktail spoon is from a flea market.  
Flea markets are a great place to find fun, 
vintage cocktail accessories.
Have you tried the pink grapefruit Perrier?   Zero calories.
It's delicious.

Recently, I made this flavorful, easy appetizer...
from the Italian Dish Blog.
Try it!

It's so nice living in San Francisco,
 as it is a place people love to visit.  
My friend Netta is here now and she gave me this book,
Makes me want to have a party!
Netta and I parked here to go to lunch...
and I got a $68 parking ticket.
We couldn't read the faded sign for street cleaning 
and lots of cars were parked here.  She thinks I should fight it.

Here are some fun fabrics under consideration 
for a cool client who gave me
 these lemons from her garden...
I picked them with leaves on for the fragrance.
Happy weekend, everyone!