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Refreshed Neutral Living Room and Spring Flowers

Doesn't Walnut Creek sound like a charming, 
little suburban town?
Actually, it's a charming BIG town in the East Bay, 
with rolling green hills and beautiful outdoor shopping
(Neiman Marcus, giant Pottery Barn, etc...), 
and some very nice people.

To get there, I have to drive 
through the tangled downtown San Francisco traffic.
But, once I am on the Bay Bridge, going east 
with my I-pod cranked up, it's smooth sailing.

My client, Barbara lives there.  She enjoys decorating
but just needed a fresh eye.  That's where I came in over a year ago 
as an e-design gift from her daughter.
This was inspiration photo she sent.  
She'd been hanging on to it for a while :) 
Neutrals, right?

This is as you are standing in the entry, 
so the fireplace is the focal point.
It needed something and the seating arrangement
needed to be cozier.
The gold mirror came from another room and I suggested
darkening it (every room needs some black).  
Barbara's artist daughter did it for her.

Barbara found various fabrics at Calico Corners and sent samples to me.
 I choose my favorites (easy for me) 
and even got her a better deal on the
Robert Allen Aussie Square linen fabric for the club chairs.  
I also recommended how the pillows should be designed.


When, when I was able to visit in person...
I suggested four bird prints instead of two
(she picked out the prints herself ...I think they are great).
We opened up the secretary...with a little re-arranging.
The back of the shelving will be painted a 
creamy tan to lighten up this corner.

Wait until you see what we are 
doing at her daughter's home!  
Some gorgeous fabrics involved.

The SF Flower Mart is on the 
way home from Walnut Creek
sort of...if I feel like treating myself 
and can find a free parking space
(it's $8 to park and the general public can go after 10 am).

I found a free parking spot!
These orchid stems were $28 for the bunch 
but are supposed to last a month...
I will let you know how they do.
 These branches are in the bay window in our dining room
(they scratched my arms bringing them in the apartment--ouch).

And talk about a fabulous treat...
Debbie gave this Jo Malone Body Creme
as a hostess gift for her daughter's shower.
Perfect after a day of city driving and a nice bath!