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SF Design and Fresh Raspberry Scones

Here's what I have been up to...
making delicious raspberry ricotta scones 
that you freeze raw and bake when needed
so you can always serve a fresh warm scone!
The recipe is from
Smitten Kitchen.
I used half raspberries and half blueberries 
and sprinkled powdered sugar on mine
Also, let's face it--
they are great with a little pat of butter.  
Or, for dessert with fresh fruit and whipped cream.
After a scone (with butter), 
Chief and I like to walk down to the Marina.
I spent some time at Witford in the 
SF Design Center
looking at Lee Industries furniture for clients
...this sofa is a comfortable, classic.

I love the stitching and details on this pretty leather chair.
Another client is getting this custom chair 
in a cool Greek Key tone on tone fabric
which I will show you when its ready.

Palechek has some classics that even 
look good from the back.

What's not to love?
Fun light fixtures also from Palechek.
Coup is across the street and I want to do a whole post about this.
When Netta was here we walked to the 
love this ceiling detail.

in Union Square has started and I don't think 
Macy's has ever looked and smelled prettier!

My mom and sister come tomorrow 
for a visit and I'm going to have warm scones 
for them for breakfast!