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Small Kitchen Updates

There are a few changes in our 
San Francisco apartment kitchen.
(We can't do too much since we are renting).
Although there is no bar, 
it's nice to have a spot to keep the cook company.
This sturdy, adjustable bar stool is from Ballard Designs.
I bought it recently, but now it looks like it is only 

This gray platter is from Anthropologie.

My basil plant loves being near the window.  It's flourishing.

Not a big kitchen...but great food and 
views and happiness are experienced here.

This mirror from World Market 
reflects light over the sink.
 Speaking of Cost Plus World Market,
the original one is down the 
street from us at Fisherman's Wharf.
An employee there said it started 
out in a tent with imports brought in from the docks.

 I like this gilded mirror tray ($29.99) 
and metal chairs ($119.99 each).


The knobs are are great price ($3.99 each).

Love this rug ($224.99 for a 5' x 8').

Back to our kitchen...
This Mushroom and Ravioli Soup is 
an easy to make dish using frozen ravioli 
(I used organic spinach and mushroom ravioli).  
Alie, this is the recipe I was telling you about. 
The recipe is here.  
I grated some parmesan cheese on top before serving.

It's been rainy here but... here's Chief on a stroll
(don't worry, there was plenty of ground underneath him).

Thanks for visiting.