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Weekend wishes...

I spent a little time this week cleaning up my office to send some pictures off to an editor.. let's all keep our fingers crossed for me!  I wish is could always look like this but typically it looks like a bomb went off in my office with piles of paperwork and samples just about everywhere.  Maybe it will last the weekend?... 

Some fun things you might like to get you through the weekend...

Want/Need - those are the same thing right?
Everyone seems to be planning a Spring trip this year.. I could use a tropical island right about now and this would be the perfect piece.
After our visit to Lynmar Winery last fall I have been searching for a great salted cookie recipe.. I think this one might be a keeper. 
We are all in need of a great design book..  I am so looking forward to The Inspired Home: Nests of Creatives coming out on the 11th of March.

Happy March my friends!

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