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About Time and I Won!

I'm always playing with this gallery wall in the foyer...
a good thing white spackle blends well with the 
Benjamin Moore White Dove
(all those holes and all).
The top clock is an antique that 
I got at a French flea market...
it worked for about a hour after I bought it
and I have since lost the wind up key.
Always nine minutes until five o'clock here.

Just bought three new, vintage clock faces at 
the Alameda Point Antiques Fair 
(washed them up at bit).
The one on the left is enameled and 
the right one has domed glass.
They are mixed with antique engravings. 
This one I bought 12 years ago in Paris.  
 We have the same view of Alcatraz from the hill on the left.
How fortuitous.

I've got room for a few more...
Something fun to look for!
This is one of the prettiest diffusers 
(with the porcelain flower) that I have ever seen...
and the English Garden Scent is lovely.  
I have it in my bedroom (see me in the reflection?).

I won it from Ron at The Uptown Acorn.
This would make such a nice gift!!!
It's from Carlyle Avenue and 
I have it bookmarked for future shopping.
Thanks, Ron.