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Cocktails and Laundry

I think doing laundry and cocktails 
go together, don't you?
Just kidding, sort of.
photo credit Pottery Barn
A new polka dot ironing board cover
could improve your ironing experience (a little).

 While you are in spring cleaning mode 
(or even if you aren’t), 
remember to pull your dryer out 
from the wall and clean behind it, 
including the air hose and vent. 
All that lint can be a fire hazard
and impede drying power. 

cute laundry bag for each member of the family is a nice idea.

So is a steamer...
for a quick fix for wrinkled tops, skirts, dresses and table cloths.
Since we are tight on space,
I want this one that Stephanie Krauss
 recommends (Mother's day hint).

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Time for a cocktail?
Remember how I was impressed when
my friend ordered a Moscow Mule?

After a one afternoon makeover 
of her living and dining rooms 
using what she owned
(moving furniture, accessories and rehanging art)
plus a quick trip to Crate and Barrel 
for these crisp pillows...
and this 
vase (to update her coffee table).

She gave this to me as a gift...
A basket with all the fixings for Moscow Mules...
 and a really fancy bottle of vodka 
with a Swarovski crystal in it!

 Laundry's all done so,