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Durable Fabrics and Always San Francisco.

If you have kids or pets, 
enjoy outdoor living or just want to relax indoors...
you should consider new, softer, heavier
indoor/outdoor fabrics.
Like these from Perennials.
I was just in their beautiful, 
new showroom in the SF Design Center.
Rose Tarlow has designed a line of their pretty fabrics.

 We are considering these two Perennials fabrics for a client's
Lee Industries Sofa
You can blot up stains and 
feel less stress about a white sofa.

Restoration Hardware also sells their furniture available in a nice
textured Perennial fabric...
Remember how we used it in the color Fog for a 
client's home near the ocean?

This is how I feel about my new city...

Come visit...but bring a jacket because
 you just never know about the weather
(except that it won't snow while you are here:)
Here is a picture I took while giving my mom a 
driving tour and drinking a
a sea salted caramel hot chocolate
from Ghirardelli Square 
(go to the small storefront
on Beach Street for take-away--to avoid
the long lines at the restaurant).

Thanks for visiting.