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Our Home in Better Homes and Gardens!

While in southern California to celebrate Debbie's birthday,
 I got this text from Kellie...
"Your living room arrived in my mail box today! :) 
So fun to be flipping though BH&G and see your article! 
A big congrats for you and your talent that transformed 
our living and family room, MaryAnn!

By the time I got home to San Francisco on Saturday, Tommy had already purchased a copy at school, my husband picked up three at the grocery store (our subscription is forthcoming in the mail) and my brother sent out a mass family email about it.

Almost two years ago but it seems like yesterday...
Laura, the stylist brought these bright
peonies and roses and mixed up my pillows, 
Alie and John now have those pillows...
my pillow addiction has moved on :)

Here are two photos that they missed 
in the article...only so much time.
My loft office and
Our pantry...
This is the photographer, Edmund Barr, 
with our daughter, Alie.  

Here is Edmund's assistant, Dyleen. 
Even though I love San Francisco, I miss this home.
We will be back someday.

 Paige did a great job writing the article...
she really listened to me.
Pick up the May issue
and tell me what you think!

There are five pages and of course, I'm even thrilled 
about the Target ad opposite one of the pages.
Alie and I were having fun setting the table...
I love this picture 
(in our coordinating tops from Zara).
All six of us all had lunch there 
on that beautiful day of the photo shoot.

The table of contents...our story starts on page 26 and 
YOU know it's true how I keep reinventing!
Just sentimental and frugal, I guess.  
So much of what you see in the article is still with us 
and works in our 1920's high rise apartment in San Francisco.

Thank you, 
"Better Homes and Gardens!!!"