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SF and LA Fabric Deals and Other Fun Things

Britex Fabrics in San Francisco has several stories
of fabric, trims and sewing accessories.
They are open to the public.
Lots of fabrics are around $20/yard.
Note however: The customer service is sketchy.  
My friend who buys a lot of fabric for her tote bag company was treated rudely.  And I could barely get any help.
Recently in Los Angeles, we swung by
It's also open to the public 
but they are a little nicer.
They have hand printed cottons.  
I recognized a knock-off of a linen I have used
--it's not as nice--however, if you were doing drapes or have kids...

I love a bargain but if you can splurge on
 pricier design center fabric, look at these.
The Kravet Global linen has such a nice "hand"
 and beautiful colors.  I like it with
the Ralph Lauren Carleigh embroidered stripe.
We are updating my sister's Bergere chair with
the woven Perennial fabric.

This living room project is coming together… 
just need a few more things like lighting and an end table
before I can show you.
And after
(with Bruce the upholsterer).  
There is a matching chair also getting a makeover.  
(My client got both for $75 at a garage sale...wait until you see it).

For Easter, we were in Palm Desert with family 
 and had Easter brunch at La Quinta.
It was around 90 degrees out there.  Hot!
Chief learned how to swim 
in my brother's pool!  

It is a bit cold here in San Francisco.
But it didn't seem to mind the young British couple
 I met while walking Chief.  
They wanted to eat their picnic lunch. 
 I told them to go around the corner
to the secret park bench with a great view of the 
Golden Gate bridge. 
Is is warming up where you are?