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Vintage/Bargain Shopping…Because It's Fun!

Do you think so?
Recently, my friends and I discovered 
Bay Home Consignment in Berkeley.

It's a place I'd like to check out on a regular basis.

They have lots of authentic engravings and unusual
artwork like these...

I spotted a number of bar stools...

These chairs just need new cushions and a little touch up.

I sent a photo of this black end table by 
Drexel Heritage to a new client.
There were two of them for $250 each.
  She brought cash and snapped both of them up for $375!
They will look great in her new living room. 

I also like these lamps and mirrors...
they would look good above nights stands in a bedroom.
They have a good selection of mirrors...
This one was $149 and looks hand painted.

On Sunday, I went to the 
Some people don't get the appeal…like when my sister said to me 
at the Irvine Flea Market 
"what do people want with all this junk?!"  
I just shook my head and wanted to drop her off
 at the fancy food trucks along with my husband.
These industrial ottomans were interesting, 
made with army blankets and old crates...
Perhaps for a man cave…
see, I just like looking at this stuff.

Great vintage indigo pillows.
Don't need any, but I enjoy looking at them.
These German educational charts on rollers are cool.
I wanted a couple for our elevator foyer 
but they were $100 each and pretty damaged.

 I'm a sucker for French things...even though these are new.

I met Terri from La Dolfina 
(the expert in vintage shopping) 
while I was there.
We didn't see lots of bargains...perhaps we got there too late.
 But Terri has promised to take me shopping one day 
where she finds all her deals...YAY!
Terri took me to the Atelier de Campagne site...
Very fun…lots of real vintage French things.
  I will make it a point to check them out every time for new merchandise.

I didn't spend much...just
bought a few vintage clock faces.

I'll show you where they are landing soon!