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Beautiful Coastal Wedding Party

We celebrated the marriage of one of my 
dearest friend's daughter on Saturday.
The couple were married in Hawaii 
and had their home town reception
in Newport Beach.

My friend, Debbie had been collecting cool stuff for her daughter's
casual/chic/beach/tropical party for weeks...
 I loved looking at the assortment in her garage.

Here is the outside of the clubhouse before...

And after...
Some of the furniture was from 
Found Vintage Rentals
creating comfortable spaces in 
different areas of the party…like this one.
The wedding planner was from Twine Events.
Cocktails and hors d'ouvres were served outside.
Cheeses and Mini lobster rolls and
ahi tuna with watermelon
(I had dental surgery the day before and my mouth was killing me, but I
had about four of the soft tuna bites…delicious.

Tall long tables were set up along the windows with the bay views...

The flower arrangements included tropical touches
like this mini pineapple.
So pretty!

There is more in my next post as the sun 
started to set over the bay…  such a fun party!