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Bicycling Across the Golden Gate Bridge

Earlier today, my husband Howard, our son Tommy and I 
bicycled from Fisherman's Wharf to Sausalito.
We had excellent service and a brief tutorial from
Blazing Saddles bicycle rentals.
 Not going to say it was a breeze..
There were a couple of steep places where I needed to get off and walk the bike.

But there were some fun downhill stretches as well.
We took the ferry from Sausalito back to the City 
(thank heavens).

 Cheers! (Good thinking, Howard).

 Except for my sore rear end, it feels good to think we rode 
from the far left of the bridge to the far right.
The ferry passes Alcatraz...I want to take the tour there.
It's fun being a tourist in your own town.

Last week was busy but I need some after photos pronto to prove it.

On Monday, we redecorated my daughter's new West Hollywood bedroom
with $300 at IKEA that included 
(Alie, I need after photos).

On Tuesday, I delivered pillows made by Liana...after we get the lamps
I will have some major before and after photos here.
My adorable client is loving her new living room.

On Wednesday I met with two different new clients and did some quick
furniture re-arranging and accessorizing (yeah...show the photos--sorry--not ready).

Thursday, was Howard's birthday and we ate at the Water Bar.
This was the view of the Bay Bridge from our table!

On Saturday, I met a new SF client (she found me on Houzz) with really cool furnishings like this dining chair that she had upholstered with textiles that she picked up on a trip to Thailand...
She was considering recovering these, but I love them.
I moved furniture again...and
We ordered this mirrored coffee table.  On sale!

Happy Memorial Day and
remember the patriots who gave their lives for us.