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Inside Summer Garden

All the pretty gardens throughout blogland, 
have me vicariously getting dirt underneath my fingernails. 
We have no outside space in this city apartment
(no, the fire escape doesn't count).
I've been placing extra greenery around.

This fiddle leaf fig tree has adapted nicely 
to a sunny spot in the dining room.

 My topiary on the right isn't doing as well as the left.
Can anyone identify the problem,?
I like how when you place flowers against a mirror, 
it doubles your bouquet!

Everyone on Instagram 
(come follow me and I will follow you back)
has been showing off their peonies.
I love these flowers…
I add new blossoms to the mature ones 
to keep the arrangement fresh.

I like to put plants in clear glass containers 
like this one on my desk.

Orchids are always great…this one was a gift.

The plant in Tommy's room has three branches 
and was only $12.99 at the grocery store.

Don't ask me how I've keep this 
fern alive for three weeks.
Nice, happy pop of green in the bedroom!

  I add some of the fern leaves to bouquets 
and a mound of moss is an organic centerpiece.

But I miss our little Newport Beach garden…
Our renter called to say the fountain stopped working and I told her just to
clean out the leaves.
And it's all good.

This was at Roger's Gardens…perfect for California's drought conditions.
How is your garden doing?